Old Churches 4: Home Sweet Home

Since old churches tend to be large, you could in theory convert one into housing, and live in it. If you own thousands of books, a big empty building is just what you need! But a very large sturdy space is also suitable for subdivision. This is a particularly felicitous example, in historical downtown Annapolis MD.

Click through and contemplate the real estate photos. An architect divided the large old church structure into three condo units, but has preserved a great deal of the core architecture. The unit at that link has the big two-story stained glass window! The big tower, visible in the photo, is clearly dedicated to the elevator.




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Old Churches 4: Home Sweet Home — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve contemplated turning an old church into a dance studio. All that open space to leap and turn and glory in movement with music that soars!

    Can convert the practice area to a recital venue with a little rearrangement. Oh the possibilities.