BVC Announces Fractured Fairy Tales by Alma Alexander

Fractured Fairy Tales
by Alma Alexander

Fairy tales – new-told, re-told, re-invented, rebuilt, new-visioned. Fairy tales are the building blocks not just of fantasy but of all fiction, the original Story, the thing we all grew up on. This is a return to those roots, and an entirely new vision of all that a fairy tale was, is, or can be.


“Alexander’s work is brilliant. A weaver of words, Alma Alexander is a
true storyteller. Her characters and worlds come to life and keep me
spellbound until the very last page.” – Yasmine Galenorn, NYT
Bestselling Author

“I love Alma Alexander’s writing. Reading one of her stories is like
having a beautiful and intense conversation that you walk away from
realizing that you’ve learned something you didn’t know about
yourself.” – Leigh Grossman, author of “The Green Lion” and “The
Lost Daughters”, creator of “Sense of Wonder”

“The list of story names alone gives me the shiver of recognition: we
have come into the hands of a myth-maker, a dreamer of dreams, who
handles language like a Ninja. You will not be disappointed” – Ellen
Kushner, author of “Swordspoint” and “Thomas the Rhymer”

Read a sample:

Invitation and Instructions

Open the cover of this book. Look inside.

Welcome to the Land Where Tales Are Told.

There is a path unfolding in front of you, paved with words, leading into secret places –
the dangerous, the remembered, the familiar, the unknown.

You will need Mind, Heart, and Spirit to make this journey.

You may pick flowers as you go – and they will have names –
Courage, Empathy, Wisdom, Faith, Imagination.
You can press them later, for souvenirs, between pages of other books.
They will help to gain you entry into this Temple, the Temple of the Fairy Tale.

When you reach the deepest secret sanctuary in this place and offer them up… and they WILL be restored to you, if you do… you may receive a very precious thing in return.

Wrapped in magic and myth and mystery, folded into the silver tissue of fiction,
you will find the seed of Truth.

Plant it in a safe place. Tend it well.

May it grant you shelter and shade all the days of your life.

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