BVC Announces Black-Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day by Shannon Page

Black-Eyed Peas on New Year's Day by Shannon Page
Black-Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day
by Shannon Page

It’s time to send some GOOD energy out there into the world.


Shannon Page “Introduction”
Sherri Cook Woosley “At the Night Bazaar”
Sarina Dorie “The Last Date”
Melissa Mead “The Family Business”
Nancy Jane Moore “Thank God for the Road”
Mindy Klasky “Changing of the Guard”
Karen G. Berry “In Case of Emergency”
Paul McMahon “Circus”
M.J. Holt “Fire Cat”
Stewart C Baker “Letters Submitted in Place of a Thesis to the Department of Chronology”
Dave Smeds “The Eighth of December”
Sarah Wells “Possibilities”
Laurence Raphael Brothers “Another Catcher”
D.L.R. Frase “Gateway”
Fran Macilvey “Esther”
Susan Dutton “Hope Jones”
Michael M. Jones “Puss and Jack Steal a Kingdom”
Scott Davenport “The Garden”
Barbara Ware “Blind Faith”
Mark J. Ferrari “Meditation on Persistence: 4AM”
Jan Underwood “Break the Mirrors”
Brenda Clough “Times Fifty”
Joyce Reynolds-Ward “My Man Left Me, My Dog Hates Me, and There Goes My Truck”
Judith Newcomb “The Waiting Room”
Holly Schofield “The Boggart of Campsite C47”
Gregg Chamberlain “Coffee Break”
Liam Hogan “Tea with Superman”
Bob Page “A Very Old Story(teller)”

2020 wasn’t kind to any of us, was it? (And 2021 is off to a shaky start at best!) Pandemic, economic collapse, out-of-control wildfires the world ’round, ice storms, murder hornets…and that’s without even discussing politics.
It’s time to send some good energy out there into the world. Good luck, good wishes, good magic, talismans and rituals and lucky charms–you name it, we’ve got it here.

BLACK-EYED PEAS ON NEW YEAR’S DAY is a multi-genre anthology focused on hope. Here you’ll find more than a double dozen tales–fantasy, science fiction, literary, even nonfiction–that will bring a smile to your face and some optimism to your heart.
After all, we’re all in this together. (Except the murder hornets. They’re not welcome here.)


This is a wonderful, diverse, and extensive collection of short stories (and a few miscellany) based on the theme of Hope. Which is understandable, and in some ways mandated by the past year of Covid, racial injustice and tension, political divisiveness, conspiracy craziness, and simple mean-spiritedness that has permeated almost all levels of culture. Of course, there is another way to view the past year, and that is the unfettered  creativity and triumph of the human spirit that emerged in front-line workers, parents, teachers, and a whole host of others. And this is where the Black-Eyed Peas Anthology is situated. On the positive side of the line. It is, quite simply, an antidote.
-Paul S. Piper, author of Dogs and Other Poems and The Wolves of Mirr

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Read a sample:

In the waning days of October, 2020, as Election Day approached and I found myself doomscrolling through my social media feed and online newspapers yet again, worrying and fretting and desperately searching for even one little scrap of good news, I suddenly thought, What we need is hope.

And right on the heels of that thought came another: Hey, I know: what if I got a bunch of people to write me stories of hope? Thus, an anthology was born.

Writers are magical creatures. We can create whole new worlds—places to escape into, yes; but also, I would argue, places that we can manifest into the world we actually live in. Organ transplants, automatic doors, self-driving cars, video calls—heck, cell phones themselves—each first came out of the brain of a writer. What if we could also bring more hope into our world?

I wrote up a call for submissions and asked folks to spread it far and wide, and I harvested so many marvelous stories. Stories of magic and love, of tricks and twists, of astonishing technology and low-tech kindnesses…even a few entirely true stories.

I received far too many for a single book, so here are the best of them. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed collecting and assembling them!

Shannon Page
Orcas Island, WA
February 2021

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