The Rambling Writer’s Italy, part 5: Fountains of Rome

Join Thor and me as your Italy virtual vacation continues with walks taking us to some of the famous fountains of Rome.

NOTE: Since travel is still on hold with the pandemic continuing, I’ve started a new blog series offering a virtual vacation and time-travel to my first big trip with Thor in 2008. Italy! Starting with highlight photos posted here on Saturday, Jan. 30, I’ll continue every week. Join us in Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Venice, and Milan. Buon viaggio!

Rome is a vibrant, bustling city seemingly made for rambling on foot (with assist from the underground). This week we’ll take you on bits of our walks around the central areas, focusing on some of the justifiably famous fountains.

The streets were especially appealing at night, when it seemed everyone was out enjoying the somewhat cooler air (we were visiting during a September heat wave) and the energy of nightlife. The first evening out, we started at the also-famous Spanish Steps:

This is only the lowest flight of the broad series of steps that sweep out and back as they climb toward the church. This lower level opens onto the Piazza de Spagna. As you can see, the steps function mostly as gathering places. Everywhere crowds were out enjoying the night, including this bride and groom, joining the many couples choosing to be married on the steps:

After a delicious al fresco dinner of calamari at one of many patio restaurants luring passersby, our first destination was the glorious Trevi Fountain. It was built in 1762 to a design by Nicola Salvi, who was inspired by ancient Roman triumphal arches like those we saw in last week’s blog post in the Forum.

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The Rambling Writer’s Italy, part 5: Fountains of Rome — 10 Comments

  1. It is made for getting about on foot. There has been no real redesign from the days when foot was how you got about, with only very limited exceptions.

    • Hello, Mary. Yes, you are right, and it is a delightful city to roam on foot. Apparently there has been some shifting around of fountain locations within piazzas, and roads widening or levels rising (Michelangelo’s remodeled bath-house/basilica truncated the old Roman columns incorporated within it, due to street level having risen since Roman times).