BVC Spotlight: EMPRESS by Alma Alexander

Book View Cafe member Alma Alexander recently suffered the devastating loss of her husband. To help support her through this difficult time, we are shining a spotlight on her novel EMPRESS. You can also purchase other books of hers here, join her Patreon, or donate to the relief fund organized by her friends at GoFundMe.

Empress by Alma AlexanderEmpress
by Alma Alexander

A whispered prayer on a holy mountain:
“Give me the life I was meant to live.”

She understood the passions and the cruelty of men; she knew the despair and the strength of women.

She was born in the gutter, raised on the sands of the Hippodrome arena, grew up with the gritty, grim world of chariot racers, and animal keepers, and courtesans. Step by step she clawed her way into the halls of power, and ruled an empire of chaos and triumph and tragedy at the side of the only man who truly appreciated her for what she was.


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BVC Spotlight: EMPRESS by Alma Alexander — 1 Comment

  1. This is an amazing book loosely based on Emperor Justinian and his Empress Theodosia. Their history is as commonly known in the Middle East and Balkans as King Arthur in England. Epic.