The Rambling Writer Rerun: Snowshoeing on Mt. Shuksan

We could all use a break from multiplying crises! Take a refreshing ramble up the mountain’s memory lane with Thor, Bear dog, and me. Added to the stresses of the Covid19 pandemic at its worst level yet in the U.S. … Continue reading


Questions from a hopeful Neo: Why do I have to choose an audience?

Most published authors field questions from new and aspiring writers at some point in their careers. They wonder how to get published, who to schmooze and, if they’re really serious, they ask questions about craft and style and substance. More … Continue reading


BVC Announces Marian Halcombe by Brenda W. Clough

In this sensational sequel to The Woman In White, Marian uses all the wits and wiles she learned then to save her husband Theo Camlet from charges of bigamy and then murder. Women are supposed to be rescued in her world, but Marian fights to rescue everything she loves: her husband and her happiness.

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