Cafe Reads: Deja Vu Halloo by Chris Dolley

Deja Vu Halloo by Chris Dolley

If you haven’t yet read any of Chris Dolley’s delightful Reeves and Worcester steampunk mysteries, you’re in for a jolly good time with this sixth in the series. With a nostalgic, playful nod to Jeeves and Wooster, Dolley sends his madcap trio, including Worcester’s fiance Emmeline, into a twisty groundhog’s day of a time loop. Reeves, the steam-powered automaton, advises master Worcester to imbibe freely in order to escape the time trap, and Worcester gladly tipples his way toward solving the mystery.

For deftly tickling our funny bones once more, I raise a glass to Chris Dolley! Buy the ebook here:





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