BVC Announces A Hinky Universe Bundle by Jennifer Stevenson

A Hinky Universe Bundle by Jennifer StevensonA Hinky Universe Bundle
Book 1 from three series: Hinky Chicago, Slacker Demons, Coed Demon Sluts
by Jennifer Stevenson

This bundle contains the complete first novel from three different series set in the same magical universe:

The Hinky Brass Bed (Hinky Chicago book #1)
It’s Raining Men (Slacker Demons book #1)
Coed Demon Sluts: Beth (Coed Demon Sluts book #1)

How will Chicago survive the worldwide infestation of magic?

Can fraud cop Jewel save the city from phonies and sexy crooks with the aid of a magical bed?

Will the slacker demons heal the city’s women with magical nooky?

Or should the team of trainee succubi take over the slackers’ man-lair and pump the lair and the city full of estrogen and riot-grrl power?

Dip into three different paranormal series set in a city with magic on its mind. You need a laugh in your day!

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“Funny, frisky, and far out! Jennifer Stevenson’s writing is naughty and irresistible.” –Julie Kistler, author of Scandal

“More fun than pillow fighting naked!”  –Vicki Lewis Thompson, New York Times bestselling author of Talk Nerdy To Me and Overhexed

“A perfect meld of humor, fantasy, and sex. Jewel Heiss is the sassy heroine I want to grow up to be!” –Cecilia Tan, editor of The Best Fantastic Erotica

“An out-and-out winner–fun characters, rollicking story, and fantastic sex!” –Mindy Klasky, author of Sorcery and the Single Girl

“Once you get into The Hinky Brass Bed, you won’t ever want to get out.” –Phil and Kaya Foglio, creators of Girl Genius

“Jennifer Stevenson puts her own magical stamp on Chicago while creating a sexy, steamy and wildly imaginative paranormal romance” –Chicago Tribune

“Every bit as entertainingly kinky as Stevenson’s debut… a bawdy, often flat-out hilarious tale.” –Jerome Ludwig, Chicago Reader

“This book was great. It ticks three of my boxes for a good read: rude, funny and clever. Not a book trying to be rude to catch an audience, rather a deft clever writer, with a brilliant world, making stuff that happens to be in turns dramatic, funny and naughty What’s not to like?” –Paul L Arvidson, Amazon UK

“It’s really hard to find original story lines. I mean, think about it, boy can only meet girl so many ways. This book was crazy original. I actually reread several chapters because it was like catching something new each time you watch a complicated movie. The characters made me want to hug them, especially Nina. You never will guess where this book is going.. it’s too unpredictable. I love Regency romance novels and the way Jennifer Stevenson turned that character around had me howling with laughter. You will not be bored!” –Jace82, Amazon UK

Read a sample of The Hinky Brass Bed.


“A great romp thru religion, mythology, and love…I literally could not stop reading until I finished. A sexy take on what’s important to all of us, without our reality getting in the way of our hearts.” -John H billbe, Amazon

“What a fun book! When I started reading this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I could get a little philosophical & say there are hidden meanings of life in here, but that might be silly.” –Julie McCreary, Amazon

“The devil is in the details, and Stevenson’s humorous novels always engage me with her quirky and unexpected twists on story and characters. Lots of laughs, and down-to-earth characters you enjoy hanging out with.” –Sara Stamey, Amazon

Read a sample of It’s Raining Men.


“I came for an engaging silly premise. I stayed for the characters and dialog, and I was impressed by how the book and author managed to work some significant observations about gender, aging, self-image, and respect for people who are typically shunned by “respectable” society. Good work!” –Damiana, Amazon

“This book has characters I’ve never seen before: demon sluts! But there’s plenty of character traits and experiences any girl can relate to … loving to eat & drink … divorces … insecurities … sex … and that supreme wish of unlimited funds and unlimited calorie intake! My hat’s off to author Jennifer Stevenson for coming up with something fun, hot and NEW!” –Linda McKay, Amazon

“OMG! If this is hell, let me in!!!! This is the most creative, humorous and interesting book I’ve read in a long time. It’s got humor, interesting characters, great story line…It has it all! Do yourself a favor and read at least one of these books…you WILL NOT be disappointed.” –Diane C, Amazon

Read a sample of Coed Demon Sluts: Beth.

A Hinky Universe Bundle by Jennifer Stevenson

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