Artist in Residence Quarantine Diaries Episode 16: 2020 hates me.

…or Mercury is in retrograde again and this time so is Mars or something and oy vey. This year.

Let me put it this way. We lose power REGULARLY out here – we live in TREES and trees FALL OVER and they take out power lines depressingly often.

So October 13 we had a “wind event” – well, SOMEWHERE, anyway, because the trees around our particular house didn’t go that wild, but apparently up the road a ways they did quite the dance. I saw the photos, afterwards. They were unbelievable, and a full twenty four hours later that particular road was still closed to through traffic because they were cleaning up debris from the fairly narrow road and there was no way anything short of a sherman tank would have got through that mess.

The upshot of this lovely scenario? Our power went out at 12:12, just after noon.

It did not come back until 9:30 that night, and for some even later than that.

And when it DID return… it came with a death.

My computer monitor.

The computer itself came up just fine when I started it up after the power came back – but the monitor was stone cold dead. No lights showing anywhere. RIP little screen.

I basically threw a small fit – I LIVE MY LIFE ON THIS BEAST and not having access to it was putting a serious crimp in the works. I had stuff to DO and all of it involved access to a working computer (with a monitor I could see stuff on). So, I bought another monitor (because needs must) and picked it up the next morning – and when I came home with it discovered two things. One, it was, oh, a little larger than I thought )I thought I was getting the same size as my old one but,um, not quite, it barely fits on my desk now…) and two, my other monitor was more antiquated than I thought because although i was told that the cable connecting monitor ro computer ought to be fine to just connect the new one on that didn’t prove to be feasible at all because there was no proper receptacle to be found to plug the thing in. Oh, I solved it – but jeez louse, this was a day I did not need to have. At all.

What else does 2020 have left in its sleeve to throw at me before it’s done? I don’t remember when last I wanted to see the year END quite as badly as I want this one to. I’ve just HAD it with 2020. Some day they’ll make a horror movie with just that as the title and people will flee screaming into the night at the mention of it.


Back to your regularly scheduled entertaniments. See you next go-round. Who knows what I might have for you by then…?



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