Artist in Residence Quarantine Diaries Episode 14: No Rest for the Busy… and Reflections on Legacy

So I used the time I am spending inside my house – covid, and toxic air, and all like that – in order to try and earn some money. I am doing critique reports for manuscripts through an agency that … Continue reading


The Rambling Writer Returns to the Mountains, Take Two

Thor, Bear dog, and I celebrate our beautiful Mount Baker Wilderness, and send best wishes to the those fighting the terrible wild fires burning our U.S. West. 2020 continues its ravages on so many levels, but there is still so … Continue reading


All Beginnings Great and Small

I’m fascinated by beginnings. That is, the first words that fall into a reader’s brain when she opens up a book. Not all stories have evocative openings. I was bemused to find that some of my favorite novelists do not, … Continue reading


BVC Announces It’s Raining Angels and Demons by Jennifer Stevenson

MAN DROUGHT ENDS! Heaven doesn’t remember them, Hell doesn’t want them, and horny women are after them. Can the slackers teach Jeff and Mutt enough to satisfy the women they love? It’s raining angels and demons!

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