A dirigible airship with the basket styled like a vintage roadster car driven by a uniformed driver.Here is parody done right, and as a bonus, we get steampunk and a touch of Sherlock Holmes!  Chris Dolley has taken the classic tales of P.G. Wodehouse and created a delightful homage to them.

Reggie Worcester begins in the title tale with “Aunt Trouble,” a dreadful thing, as any fan of the Jeeves’ tales knows. Fortunately, his club has found an automaton in the attic—a smart fellow. Reggie is flabbergasted (the club has an attic?) but game to borrow Reeves, as the former carnie mechanical man is called. If anyone can help Reggie appease his aunt and get safely home, this brilliant automaton is surely the person—er, machine.

We are treated to not only how the two future sleuths meet, but “Something Rummy This Way Comes,” a 41,000 word novella chronicling their first case. There are missing debutantes, and no one will admit anything about it for fear of scandal. What are London’s families to do? Reggie Worcester and Reeves to the rescue!

Dolley has down pat the voice, the mannerisms, and the bits and pieces that scream early 1900s. The language may be a bit thick for those who don’t read or watch a lot of period UK entertainment, but you can get the gist of it as well as the laughs. Take a look at the sample! (Now, why hasn’t this pair been optioned for television?)

Find our heroes here—What Ho, Automaton!




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  1. Thank you! I’m currently 24k words through the next story – a novella – which hopefully will come out around November.