CAFE READS: IT’S RAINING MEN by Jennifer Stevenson

Fast, breezy, and full of heart and humor!

In a nutshell—

Lovely Chloe is trapped in a dead end existence, dating bums and working as a brand rep for a glitzy liquor distributor.

Her friend and secret crush Archie is the hot bartender with a secret—he’s a sex demon.

No, really.

Archie botched a big job for Hades, so he’s got to make amends. Chloe’s heart was hurt by a bunkhouse of incubi, so he tells her she’s up for victim’s compensation.  If she can keep Archie and his slacker demon pals out of REALLY hot water, things are going to start looking up.

Because just for her, Archie’s promised a shower of good guys, a rainbow of possibilities. It’s just one simple, well-meaning lie.

It’s going to start raining men.

Chloe’s hoping that Archie is one of them. And she’s willing to work for it.

Stevenson has a gift for showing you the heart of characters, and this book is no exception. Chloe is ready to move up and on, both in her work and her choice of men. The slacker demons have been playing around for too long, and whether they are ready for change or not, it’s coming for them. Worse, all the demons have secrets, whether it’s that they were gods in previous times, or are on the run from other gods.

Plenty of story, laughs, and tugs on the heart. Read a sample or buy It’s Raining Men.



CAFE READS: IT’S RAINING MEN by Jennifer Stevenson — 2 Comments

  1. This is a wonderfully fun and sexy series, so good to read stories that are sex positive while fully supporting all genders and their rights.