A Discerning Dance!

Sherwood Smith has delivered a delightful “sweet Regency” novel for fans of the genre.  I’d have to say that for both historical accuracy and adapting the “silver fork” genre for modern readers, Smith did a wonderful job.  She has a discerning eye, allowing her characters to grow and change through the period of time covered in the story.

Clarissa Harlowe is 24, practically on the shelf but resisting marrying anyone she cannot picture herself conversing with for the rest of her life.  Her latest refusal has her aristocratic father shaking his head.  Napoleon’s first rampage through Europe being about over, she is sent off across the Channel to Holland to an aunt—a trip derailed by a shipwreck!

Suddenly Clarissa is falling in love with her rescuer (a smuggler) the marquess of St. Tarval, and taking his irrepressible sister, Lady Kitty, under her wing.  We have persistent suitors, unknown relatives, beloved half-siblings, meddling aunts, mean girls with agendas, grandmothers who pull rank—in short, we have a delightful swirl of regency romance.

Smith plays fair for the times, and shows her deep knowledge of British history by bringing earlier periods and clothing styles into the story in a very real way.  Her characters’ conversations and inner thoughts not only move the plot but flesh the protagonists out into people you can believe in and root for.

Recommended!  And I hope she does many more. Read a sample or buy here.



CAFE READS: DANSE DE LA FOLIE, by Sherwood Smith — 4 Comments

  1. I have that book and liked it. My favorite Sherwood Smith books are “Coronets and Steel”, and its sequel “Blood Spirits”.

  2. Ahh, yes. I forgot how many books in the series. I have them in hardbound, and recently re-read the first, and the 2nd is in my queue. I read 4 e-books at a time, and a dead-tree book next to my bed. Since I moved to senior living, I only have one room full of books. Getting rid of about 5 thousand books when I downsized was hard. At any rate, I just checked, I have all three. My HB read got delayed when I received a HB copy of Bujold’s Penric’s Progress for my birthday. That’s a re-read as I have all of the novellas in e-book format, so I’m reading it slowly to savor it.

    Then I will continue with “Blood Spirits” and “Revenant Eve” (I wish I could bold here)

    • I understand the frustration about bold and italics–whether we can use html here or not seems to change month by month. My books are currently storied away from me. I got rid of 700 that last move, and I really don’t know how I will continue to cut my library down to size! I keep several running, too.

      Glad you found the third in that interesting world.