A Garden Portfolio

Today a bit of eye candy for flower lovers. Seen here via the wonders of sharing image files from my personal website. It’s magic! And also a place to just scroll and forget all the nonsense for a few moments.

Hydrangea, one of two taken as cuttings by a friend on his way home from work.

A trio; black-eyed Susan, euphorbia, variegated lavender. Maybe you’ve noticed I like variegation.

Variegated nasturtiums–love these nasties.

Wild geranium. Neon!

Tiger lily. Open for only one day at a time.

One of my favorites–California poppy.

Variegated aralia. Was a lot taller when I dug it up to bring down here–will be again in a year or so.

Sombreuil rose from David Austin

Coreopsis. Purchased at a rather amazing local nursery.

Nepalese oriental lily. Got this one at the Seattle Flower and Garden show.

No idea. Inherited with the place.



About Jill Zeller

Author of numerous novels and short stories, Jill Zeller is a Left Coast writer, 2nd generation Californian, retired registered nurse, and obsessed gardener. She lives in Oregon with her patient husband, 2 silly English mastiffs and 2 rescue cats—the silliest of all. Her works explore the boundaries of reality. Some may call it fantasy, but there are rarely swords and never elves. More to the point, she prefers to write as if myth, imagination and hallucination are as real as the chair she is sitting on as she writes this. Jill Zeller also writes under the pseudonym Hunter Morrison


A Garden Portfolio — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks, Jill! Always a treat to see flowers. I love my potted flowers, too– though I never can remember the names. I just wander the nursery aisles and say, “Oh, I liked that one last year!” and add it to my cart.

  2. I’ve tried 4 times to grow that Nepalese Lily. I’m impressed. And envious.