The Rambling Writer Celebrates Summer Solstice

Take a deep breath with me and remember we’re all riding the turn of the earth’s wheel together. Welcome, summer! (Or winter, if you live in the south lands.)

NOTE: Due to a lot of “life” this week, I’m postponing the next Thailand post until next Saturday, June 27.

Since prehistory, traditional cultures have celebrated the turning of the seasons, honoring the solstices (the longest and the shortest days of the year) with rituals and festivals. It never hurts to simply step outside and reconnect to the earth, in whatever ways we can in these days of concrete cities (not to mention pandemic). Today marks the summer solstice (either midsummer or start of summer), and the usual festival at Stonehenge is cancelled due to Covid-19. But if you’d like to witness it virtually, English Heritage on Facebook will livestream coverage of both sunset and sunrise, as marked in the ancient astronomical circle of stones. At sunrise, the sun shines through the “gateway” in the circle.

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The Rambling Writer Celebrates Summer Solstice — 6 Comments

  1. Since our summer lasts about nine months (the hottest five months starting now) it’s always a relief to me when the days tip over to getting shorter!

    • Sherwood, I wish we could trade some of your hot months for our cool, rainy ones! Up here in the “far corner” of the Pacific Northwest, we are just getting started on eagerly-awaited sunny days for swimming.

  2. Hubby and I took in Avebury the last time we visited England. We loved that we could wander at will and touch the stones. We were there the day before Palm Sunday and there was a festival. One dude drove up on a BIG thunderous motorcycle. Park it. Shed his leathers and donned a tie dyed blanket as a cloak.

    I also loved that the village is right there among the stones. People take them for granted as a natural part of life. I could get into that attitude.

    • Yes, Phyl, we had the same reaction. After the grandeur and awe of Stonehenge, we felt that the Avebury stones were rather homey and comforting. The festival sounds wonderful!

  3. If I was looking for luck I would not jump over a bonfire. I don’t think I could jump over a candle. Be that as it may, Stonehenge was truly awe inspiring. It has been a sacred burial and pilgrimage site for over five thousand years. You have to wonder why this particular spot was so special.

    • Yes, I think I’ll skip the bonfire-jumping, too. It was a wonderful experience to hike to Stonehenge through the fields containing all those ancient burial mounds, capturing a sense of the path all those pilgrims took over the centuries from amazingly far-flung lands. This place had, and still has, a powerful draw.