The Rambling Writer’s Greek Islands 2019, part 8: Kos Beaches and Village

Join Thor and me in a virtual vacation as we wrap up our Greek islands tour with visits to our favorite Kos village and beaches. Farewell to the islands – at least for now!

NOTE: Of course, Thor and I had to make another trip to Greece, as he’s fallen as much in love with the islands as I am. This time I wanted to return to Crete after 37 years, to introduce Thor to “glorious Kriti” and research more settings for my novel-in-progress, THE ARIADNE DISCONNECT. After time-traveling via ruins and museums to explore the mysterious, vanished Minoan culture, we went ferry-hopping to relax on a couple of our favorite islands.

My primary goal in our Greece travels is to soak up as much culture, history, and landscape as possible to fuel my novel-writing. But also vital are our devotions to the beautiful marble-pebble beaches and magical deep blue sea. Our doctors have literally prescribed warm climate and thalassotherapy for our joint and nerve issues, as if we needed an excuse to indulge our passion for swimming and snorkeling off these beautiful islands. And for a bonus at the beach of Agios Stefanos, we swam straight from classic-era temple ruins to the rocky islet of Kastri, with its tiny chapel and a bell to ring for good luck.

We also decided to repeat our unusual indulgence of the previous year with a stay at the luxurious White Rock of Kos, in our “room with a view” and private infinity pool. We only live once, and we believe that Dionysos and Ariadne would approve.

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The Rambling Writer’s Greek Islands 2019, part 8: Kos Beaches and Village — 5 Comments

  1. That deep blue of the water!

    I love looking at those old walls, wondering who built them when, and what they talked about as they worked.

    • Thanks, Sherwood! Yes, I’m endlessly fascinated with these old structures and the history seeping out of them. And, of course, already missing that deep blue….

  2. Ooh that was a good salad! One salad and one grilled fish is all you need for two people in Greece. And the complimentary raki/ouzo of course (“vitamina” as they say).

    • Thor, yes, plenty for both. I guess it’s clear that we’re dying to return already…. (oops, maybe the wrong word these days)

  3. I always love seeing the ruins and the beautiful cities, thinking about the people who built a civilization and the people who live there now.

    But that is one of the loveliest sunsets I have seen in a long time. Thank you as always for sharing your and Thor’s trip with us!