The Moon and the Sun, the Movie

Book View Cafe co-founder Vonda McIntyre was the author of The Moon and the Sun, a novel that won the World Fantasy Award. Did you know it was going to be a movie? Shooting took place in 2014, and the movie was to premiere the follow year. Several of us here at Book View Café were with Vonda at the Spokane WorldCon when she showed the film’s trailer. She was jazzed about her visit to the film set at Versailles, and mentioned how sweet Pierce Brosnan was to her there. Vonda wrote about her experience on the set here, and here.

So where is this film? What happened?

The UK monthly film magazine Film Stories dug out the account of what happened.

Although the shooting went swimmingly, a host of outside issues delayed the release. Five years later, and it’s still on the shelf! The article holds out a dim hope that Paramount will release it to streaming video some day. If that happens we’ll be there with bells on! But in the meantime, if you want to read one of the great fantasy novels of all time, find the ebook edition here.




The Moon and the Sun, the Movie — 3 Comments

  1. Let’s start a movement to get this film released!! Vonda would be so pleased, assuming she can watch from whatever dimension she now inhabits.

  2. Thank you for the link. I’m so sorry that the film hasn’t been released yet. Since the lockdown the rapid depletion of new things to release, I have been keeping an eye out to see if this would bring the film out of limbo.