The Rambling Writer: Inspiration from Places

While we’re confined by the pandemic, how about another virtual trip with meLet me take you back in time and place to inspiration for my novel ISLANDS.

A lot of “life” happened this week, so today I’ll take you on a quickie trip to the Caribbean, where my days as a scuba divemaster inspired my suspense novel ISLANDS. Next week, we’ll be back to the magical Aegean and the healing island of Kos. (Hmmm, islands do seem to play a big part in my real and imaginative life.)

I suppose I could be called a “method writer,” since many of my novels spring from extended sojourns in places that excited my imagination. Today, I’ll take you back to the Caribbean, and some of the landscape and culture that inspired my ISLANDS novel. You may recognize my 80s hair in one of the few photos from that time, when I was living in a treehouse in the Virgin Islands, with no running water or electricity.

But who cared, when I could dive twice a day in that stunning turquoise sea? In those hot, tropic days, I practically lived in the sea, and like my character John in the novel, I wished to be reborn as a dolphin.

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The Rambling Writer: Inspiration from Places — 6 Comments

    • Hi, Sherwood. To be strictly accurate, it was only a partial treehouse on a very steep slope, anchored into tree trunks. My partner and I built a suspended platform for our expedition tent and had an area to cook on our camp stove outside. A friend on the island was letting us build the treehouse and stay on her land while she was building a house there, so we could keep an eye on things. We ran a black hose from her cistern (everyone in the islands collected rainwater in cisterns to last through the rainy season) down a slope to a lovely leafy bower where we created an outdoor shower. The hose would heat the water during the sunny day so we could shower off the salt after our dives. I guess we sort of invented “glamping.”

        • Exactly! Lately it’s really hitting both Thor and me that certain physical activities just won’t happen any more. I’m glad I had plenty of adventures while my body seemed to have boundless energy and resilience.

  1. I am always taken aback when I hear about your adventures and the crazy life you led. You really need to write a memoir.

    • Thanks, Thor! I often wish we could turn back the clock and meet each other sooner, so we could have shared more adventures. But we have packed in plenty in our time together! And, yes, maybe some day I will write that memoir….