Writers vs Truthers: More Big WHY — 6 Comments

  1. These kinds of irrational lies do more than resemble the straining for coherence of thought that are the Victorian responses to evolution, such as — God planted dinosaur fossils in the earth to test our faith.

  2. Plots (both nutty and in real life) have to make -economic- sense. It has to be worth the investment, for Obama to build tunnels from one Wal-Mart to another. What he gains from spending the jillions of dollars this would cost (the caliche subsoil in Texas is impossible) has to be valuable. You cannot contemplate any agglomeration of Texans and tell me they are worth that kind of money. You could acquire them much more cheaply and easily by offering free football tickets and beer.

    Another way to think of this is, it has to pass the newspaper editorial test. The plot or plan has to be defensible on the op-ed page of the Washington POST. In other words, it has to stand up to scrutiny by sensible people. Somehow Lord Denethor has to get the Gondor Times-Picayune to sign on for a war with Sauron.

  3. In poetry, one can get away with loads of word salad. See, ‘shiny shivery shadows singing their suite of sorrows’ is pure gibberish but sounds impressive. However, unless one is the new Homer or Shakespeare, telling stories in reasonable prose is a much better option.

    My country, Estonia, just launched a program offering free voluntary vaccination against HPV to girls aged 12 to 14. As a survivor of HPV 16 cervical cancer (personal aspect) I got really mad at crackpots claiming ‘they just want teenagers to have sex earlier’ and ‘the Big Pharma is out to poison our daughters’. (I can understand the ones worried about proper testing and safety but if I had daughters that age I would suggest they go get that shot as the alternative is scary.)

    All right, there are perverts who lust for children. I do not suppose they would care whether the children get pregnant, HPV, HIV, or whatever. No motive to encourage young girls to have sex by vaccinating them against one danger.

    And what would be the point of poisoning girls? Eliminating future workers, doctors, and scientists while creating a sexual imbalance? An evil mastermind from a really cheap 1930s novel would have been smarter.

    No monetary gain, no motive, just a bunch of truthers citing serious scientific webpages like the local Flat Earth Society, the Extreme White Christian Party, or the Goddess Karmic Crystal Company.

  4. Wow, I see a comment I supposedly made on March 14, 2018, and the other (clearly recent) comments dated as 2015. A conspiracy by the Incorporeals* of the Internet!! Let us ask, “WHY?”

    * Coincidence? You decide: I’m editing my second backlist “Cybers Wild Card” novel for which you graciously designed the book cover in advance. Whoo-ooo….