The Rambling Writer’s Greek Islands 2019, part 3: Farewell to Rhodes

Confined by the pandemic? Join us for our ongoing virtual vacation as Thor and I visit a couple more sites on Rhodes and then hop on the ferry for Kos.

NOTE: Of course, Thor and I had to make another trip to Greece, as he’s fallen as much in love with the islands as I am. This time I wanted to return to Crete after 37 years, to introduce Thor to “glorious Kriti” and research more settings for my novel-in-progress, THE ARIADNE DISCONNECT. After time-traveling via ruins and museums to explore the mysterious, vanished Minoan culture, we went ferry-hopping to relax on a couple of our favorite islands.

Rhodes has become one of our favorite destinations, combining a wealth of historic sites from different eras, dramatic scenery, and of course fabulous pebble beaches where we can soak up the sun and that magical purple-blue sea. Before hopping a ferry for our next island, we managed to squeeze in a few more sites and memories to hold us through the winter and the pandemic time of no travel.

First, a return to Tassos Beach on the northeast coast. Tucked into a rocky cove are a taverna and loungers to rent. It’s a sociable place, but not oppressively crowded, and the shallow, clear water is lovely for snorkeling, with sunlight playing over the colorful marble pebbles.

Here we had met gregarious Tassos the Cat on our first trip to Rhodes. He greeted all arrivals and would choose the most receptive lounger for cuddles.

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The Rambling Writer’s Greek Islands 2019, part 3: Farewell to Rhodes — 5 Comments

  1. Fascinating tour of the ancient sites. That angled stage is peculiar. The stage area is so small I was wondering what games they could play there, wild games of three-pack canasta? And what would keep the sound from going out behind the players–unless there were ancient baffles of some sort back in the day.

    • Thanks, Sherwood! I hadn’t thought of the stage logistics, but perhaps they had some kind of structure behind the stage (wood that didn’t survive the ages?). The theater at Delphi is similarly sited on a hill, with open air behind the stage. The acoustics are incredible in these ancient theaters — you really can hear an on-stage whisper up in the higher seats.

  2. p.s. Now I remember that there was usually a structure behind the stage called a “skene,” where the actors could change costumes, etc., just like our modern backstages. The theater below the Acropolis still has that structure of stone.