BVC Announces Free Cornish Army by Chris Dolley

Free Cornish Army by Chris Dolley

Free Cornish Army
by Chris Dolley

A short memoir of a huge hoax.

The true story of a student who, to publicise Plymouth Charities Week, created the Free Cornish Army and convinced the UK media that Cornwall had risen up and declared independence.

As he told police at the time, “It was only a small country, and I did give it back.”

But how do you follow a hoax that pushed the 1974 general election result off the front page?


This 32-page memoir contains five hilarious stories from Chris’s early life – from the Free Cornish Army and other outrageous Rag Week stunts, to the day he created the most aggressive chess program the world has ever seen.

Chris Dolley’s first memoir – French Fried: One Man’s Move to France With Too Many Animals and an Identity Thief – was a New York Times bestseller.

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