Kirkus Reviews top 100 Independently Published Books for 2019

BVC’s founding member Phyllis Irene Radford is pleased to announce that a book she edited for B-Cubed Press,  FIREDANCER by the late S.A Bolich, is the Kirkus Reviews 12th entry, a starred review, in the top 100 indie books of 2019.

Books 2 and 3 are edited, and the conclusion is in editing.  Says Bob Brown, publisher at B-Cubed “This book is one of B Cubed’s proudest achievements. We are more than quality anthologies. We are a publisher of kick-ass books. This is where we are going. This is where we are at. I love every one of my writers and they rock.”

Ms Radford says, “Sue Bolich wanted to write in a world where political conflict and war are not the issue. There are conflicts among the people, but the real enemy is the planet and her four elements: The Earth Mother, Fire, Wind, Sea, and Stone. Working with the elements to achieve balance is the goal, all else falls into place in the working. A timely issue I hope touches many readers.”




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