It’s a mix of spices, each concoction different from the other. Kinda like this blog, because I start this one out with no idea where I will end up.

A blog, like soup, is a place for leftovers. It’s not a personal thing like a diary entry—it’s written for an audience, and thus subject to censorship. With soup, you consider who will be eating it. You alone, in which case you can add ingredients that only you love, like anchovies.

However if you have guests who will eat the soup, you must consider their tastes. You might have a vegan coming over, so no cream. Joining your group could be an intractable carnivore. Do you provide a bowl of marinated, grilled sirloin for them to add?

There is the sensitive tongue—avoid the sriracha. None of them like anchovies. Or cilantro.

Posting on FaceBook, for me, anyway, is a bit like the dinner I throw above. I censor a lot, as my friends occupy the entire political spectrum.

I can exercise more freedom in my blog. I can add the anchovies.

Like soup, today’s blog is just the primier cour. I’ll serve the main course next week.

Call this flash blogging.



About Jill Zeller

Author of numerous novels and short stories, Jill Zeller is a Left Coast writer, 2nd generation Californian, retired registered nurse, and obsessed gardener. She lives in Oregon with her patient husband, 2 silly English mastiffs and 2 rescue cats—the silliest of all. Her works explore the boundaries of reality. Some may call it fantasy, but there are rarely swords and never elves. More to the point, she prefers to write as if myth, imagination and hallucination are as real as the chair she is sitting on as she writes this. Jill Zeller also writes under the pseudonym Hunter Morrison


Curry — 5 Comments

  1. I also love cilantro. I am very fond of hot spicy food, though I learned my limits in Thai restaurants. Alas, my stomach is pickier about it these days than the rest of me and so I must be more careful.

    And a long time ago I used to go to lunch with a coworker with whom I had only two things in common: we were both lawyers and we both liked anchovies on our pizza. Our conversation was limited to complaining about work (something you can do with almost anyone you work with), but we enjoyed our pizza.

    Looking forward to the next post.