When in Doubt, Post Kitten Pictures

It’s been an eventful year since Freya (one-eyed tortoiseshell tabby) and (Red) Sonja came to live with us, a year of Ringworm Wars, kitten endorphins, and unfolding adventures in friendship.

Freya has gone from: a wee bitty thing…

to a Cat of Size (book for scale):


Sonja has grown, too, but not nearly so much. She’s remained petite (and fierce!) From a tiny kitten, abandoned at one month and not entirely sure of her place in the world:

To a self-assured goddess with magical amber eyes.


At first, the kittens weren’t sure what to make of each other. Confined in my office during their treatment for ringworm, they went from, “EEK! Another kitten! I’m going to D-I-I-E-E!!!” to kitten hooliganism…

To discovering shared interests:



And becoming fast friends:


Which they remain today:





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