BVC Announces Time of Daughters, Book Two by Sherwood Smith

Time of Daughters II by Sherwood Smith
Time of Daughters II 

by Sherwood Smith

In a time of rising danger, women go to war, and ghosts walk the walls…

A few years have passed since the Night of Four Kings, when the least expected candidates for rulership found themselves in charge of a disintegrating kingdom.

Threats from the border become raids, led by an idle noble with an eye to kingship. The two princes, newly emerged from the military academy, are dispatched to patrol the troubled area until they find themselves under attack. Their loyalty to one another is strong, but what happens when one brother discovers a taste for war and the other a loathing for it?

Matters of marriage and love tangle up with the menace of war. But the greatest threat of all comes when the world’s strongest army faces enemies from within-watched by the ghosts who walk the walls.

This is the concluding half of an epic story of politics, war, family and magic in the  world of Sartorias-deles. (The first half is on sale this month only)

There is also a novella recently out:

“Lily and Crown” proves that diplomacy is war by other means as character dance on a graceful reel through power-plays, treachery and clashing cultures, leading to changes for two powerful kingdoms and the birth of a third.

The origin story of Colend, center of style in Sherwood Smith’s world Sartorias-deles

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