BVC Announces The Nine Lands by Marie Brennan

The Nine Lands by Marie BrennanThe Nine Lands
by Marie Brennan

A young woman with an unreliable prophetic gift. A street musician searching for the magic she lost. A king whose voice is too dangerous for ordinary people to hear. This collection of short stories explores the Nine Lands, a realm created by award-winning author Marie Brennan. From the spirit-haunted jungle of the Nahele Peninsula to the cold archipelago of Kagesedo, from the occupied lands of Sahasrara to the decadent courts of Quilibria, the Nine Lands offer you visions of fantasy, peril, and wonder.


  • “Calling Into Silence”
  • “Kingspeaker”
  • “Sing for Me”
  • “Execution Morning”
  • “The Legend of Anahata”
  • “Lost Soul”
  • “White Shadow”
  • story notes

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