BVC Announces Orcas Investigation by Laura Gayle

Orcas Investigation by Laura Gayle
Orcas Investigation
The Chameleon Chronicles 3
by Laura Gayle

Camille Tate has found the spot she would like to call home . . . but staying in one place has dangers for a woman who always fades away.

When winter comes to Orcas, ice strands Cam indoors. It’s time to work on her script, do some caretaking, and recover from the danger of her early time on the island. But Cam is grieving her friends, lost to betrayal, travel, and whatever called Lisa Cannon away with barely a word.

What will break Cam’s loneliness? JoJo, the rakish son of her boss, offers a charming distraction from all the things Cam should be doing. With him at her side, Cam is swept into a new investigation. Against a backdrop of hilarious island politics and eccentric neighbors, the secrets of Cam’s childhood—and her mysterious gift—begin to surface.

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