The Rambling Writer Returns to Crete, Part 1: Rethymno

After 37 years, I return to this singular Greek island — virtually a country to itself in size and culture — and bring Thor along to meet “glorious Kriti.”

I was a hippie backpacker in my twenties when I first followed my childhood dream to visit Greece, home of the dramatic Olympian deities, Classical marble statues, and the early stirrings of democracy. I had inhaled Greek mythology ever since I could read, but didn’t know a lot about the earlier Minoan culture of Crete. My travel partner and I simply decided to take the night ferry from Athens to this largest and southernmost Greek island, camping out on deck through a fierce storm and then approaching the island as dawn sunlight spilled over the mountains and dolphins frisked around the bow of the ferry. I was in love with the island even before disembarking. And as we visited and camped in ancient Minoan sites, I fell even harder for the mysterious and beautiful remnants of the vanished culture here that was the basis for the lost Atlantis myth. The story of princess Ariadne and the Minotaur’s labyrinth gave rise to my own novel finished many years later, THE ARIADNE CONNECTION.

I’m happy that Thor loves the Greek islands as much as I do. We weren’t planning a return this year, but since we’ve both been rehabbing for months with different mobility issues, our physical therapists advised more warm weather and swimming. “Chairete!” (Rejoice!) What could be better for extending summer and swimming than the Greek islands? And now we could add Crete to our ferry-hopping. But first, the gateway city of Athens. We’re not jaded enough to skip another visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon, temple of Athena.

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The Rambling Writer Returns to Crete, Part 1: Rethymno — 5 Comments

  1. The Parthenon is so beautiful and so crowded with visitors. I wonder if there is anything being built now that will receive the same reverence in two thousand years.

    • Not much chance of that, I think. Unless “slave labor” becomes more widespread again, laborers forced to build stone monuments to insane egotistical leaders….. Hmm.

  2. Judging by all the statues, the ancients were very fond of extensive man-scaping–or should that be, man-scraping [ouch!]?