The Duchess Rants – Daylight Saving WHAT?

I have this nice bedside clock that re-sets itself to the correct time if there is a power outage, and it automatically adjusts for the twice-yearly time shifts of Daylight Savings Time (Fall Back, Spring Forward).

There is only one problem.

In the interim since it was purchased, they *changed the dates for those shifts*. And there is no way to adjust the dates on the clock. Which means that it now makes said adjustments on the OLD dates, not the NEW ones, and they don’t match up.

I bought that clock so that I couldn’t have to futz around the time changes for ONE clock in the house, dammit – and now circumstances demand, if I wish to stay current, that I manually change the hour not once but TWICE per time change period – once to turn it back when it automatically makes the change according to the old dates, and then again when the NEW date kicks in.

I won’t do, on principle. So I spend at least a couple of weeks KNOWING that my bedside clock is an hour off and having to calculate for that in my head when I wake up in the morning, for instance. Which is ludicrous, especially since none of this rigmarole actually means anything at all.

There is a saying which has been variously attributed to a number of Native American Famous People: “Only a White man would think that cutting a strip off the top of a blanket and sewing it back on at the bottom of the blanket makes the blanket longer.” AMEN to that, whoever first said it.

I wish they’d just stop offering justifications. I wish they would just STOP. I’m tired of feeling jetlagged without ever having travelled somewhere that justifies it. I’m awfully tired of pretending that it isn’t the time that my mind and my body say it is.

I am not a clock. I am an animal body born on, and governed by, the parameters of the world that gave me birth. I’d rather trust that than some  bureaucratic little administrator tapping their wristwatch and telling me that just because I don’t call an hour by the same time THEY do, I am somehow in the wrong.

Look. The sun rises and it sets. Every day. At some point *it is going to get dark*. Mucking around with the clock is really not going to change that at all. if going to school/work or getting back from same in the dark is an issue, here’s an easier way to fix it – shift the start/end times of having to report to those places an hour back and forth and by that I mean that if you have to be at work at 7 AM and it’s dark when it comes to the winter months you simply move the check-in time to 8 AM instead – that’s not moving everyone’s clocks in any way, that’s just changing operating hours which are a much more man-made concept than day length as defined by the planet’s rotational parameters. And everyone can just leave their damn clocks alone, nobody needs to miss appointments, animals who don’t understand why their dinners are now an hour late or they haven’t been milked on time can breathe a sigh of relief and continue to exist in normal time.

So you might get home in the dark in the winter months. Cry me a river. Be an adult. Carry a flashlight if you have to. The rest of the world doesn’t have to change lanes because someone’s afraid of the dark.

You aren’t making the day any longer – you’re just saying, “I don’t like the name of this hour so I’m changing it and it makes me feel better because I think there’s an extra hour of daylight now”. There isn’t. Quit cutting the blankets and agree that the blanket is what it is. Adjust how you spread it. No amount of cut-and-splice will make it change size or shape that will ideally fit your particular specs.

One way or another, we all get the same blanket. There is still only a specific and limited number of hours in a day. Some of them will be dark. Live with that. It’s part of your world. Not everything can be ‘fixed’ (and thereby made worse) by interfering humans.


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The Duchess Rants – Daylight Saving WHAT? — 3 Comments

  1. As far as I”m concerned, the only reason for daylight savings time is so the politicos in Washington D.C. can have an extra hour of sunlight to drink their martinis and ogle bikini clad models (hired for the day) at pool parties.

  2. I hate daylight savings time, cutting off the top of the blanket and sewing it on the bottom to get more blanket. It is easier now that my main time devices use the Internet, but not all of them. I’d love to go zulu.

    I also hate the oxymoronic 12am and 12pm. And wish midnight had an unambiguous date.