BVC Announces Time of Daughters, Book One by Sherwood Smith

Time of Daughters Book One by Sherwood Smith
Time of Daughters I

by Sherwood Smith

In a time of change and danger, peace sparks to war, and sons become daughters…

It’s nearly a century after the death of Inda, the unbeatable Marlovan commander.

Danet and Arrow, content in their arranged marriage, just want to live in peaceful obscurity and raise their family. But when a treaty sends them to the royal city to meet the heir to the throne, they discover that peace is fragile, old enemies have long memories, and what you want isn’t always what you get.

By the time they learn that you can’t go back again, events ignite a conflagration that no one could have foreseen–except for the ghosts who walk the walls in the royal city.

This is the first part of the Time of Daughters dulogy, an epic story of politics, war, family and magic in the beloved world of Sartorias-deles. Second half will come out from Book View Cafe 12/3.

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There is also a novella recently out:

“Lily and Crown” proves that diplomacy is war by other means as character dance on a graceful reel through power-plays, treachery and clashing cultures, leading to changes for two powerful kingdoms and the birth of a third.

The origin story of Colend, center of style in Sherwood Smith’s world Sartorias-deles

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