The Rambling Writer Returns to Crete: Flashback to the 80s

Thor and I are continuing our new Greek islands trip, and I’ll start a new blog series soon. Meanwhile, a glimpse of my first backpacking journey to Crete.

My very first Mediterranean beach destination involved some rattletrap bus rides, cheerful misdirections, and a 3-hour stumble in the deepening dusk down a rocky cliffside trail carrying a heavy backpack. More than a journey through the rugged Cretan landscape, it was a trip through time—way back to the Minoans or Keftiu, the later Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and Turks, and finally the World War II German invasion only an eyeblink earlier in history.

The expansive island of Crete was the home to the 99 fabled cities of the ancient Minoans (or Keftiu), where King Minos built the labyrinth to contain the bull-headed Minotaur, the offspring of a sacred white bull and Minos’s wife (more about that in Part 1). Loutro (Greek for “Bath” because of the ancient bathing ruins fed by springs in the area) on the wild southern coast was once a port called Phoenix by the later Romans. After the Romans it was the base for Saracen pirates, then occupied by the Venetians and their shipping empire. The Turks later conquered the island, until finally Crete reasserted independence, was joined to Greece, and was occupied by the Germans during World War II.

Many of the fiercely proud Cretans still praise the Resistance fighters and have an uneasy truce with the hordes of German tourists we encountered at the major tourist sites. Loutro was rumored to be way off the beaten track away from the crowds, and indeed it was, with no roads and accessible only by rough trail down the mountains or by boat.

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The Rambling Writer Returns to Crete: Flashback to the 80s — 4 Comments

    • It was ridiculous, including snorkeling gear plus tent and camping gear. We did send home some stuff, but still heavy. Wish I had those young legs again!!

  1. I used to be a big backpack, sleep on a beach kind of guy. Now I am more of a nice room with a view kind of guy. Hopefully with somebody hauling my bag for me. With my leg brace and Sara’s cane, we also find people going out of their way to help us; offering seats on the bus, sending us to the front of the boarding line, etc. I guess that’s one perk of “maturity”.