“I’ll Bet the Dinosaurs Thought They Had Plenty of Time Too”

That’s from a sign (actually, a lot of signs) I saw last Friday. Partly out of necessity, my place of employment was closed in support of the Climate Strike. The necessity came from the fact that, as the museum is in downtown San Francisco, no one would have been able to get near us for most of the day. So I decided to go down and support the kids. And yes, it was very much the kids: babies in carriers and toddlers in strollers, grade-schoolers, middle-schoolers, teenagers.

In the words of a sign I saw a lot of: “If the adults were doing their job we’d be in school right now.”

Not one of the kids I saw (okay, the kids age 6 years old or so up) didn’t know the urgency of the crisis facing our species. This is their future we’re screwing with. The Earth will survive–it’s survived all sorts of changes and upheavals. But the beings on it? We’re just another species in the millions-of-year history of the planet. Of course, as a member of that species, I have a vested interest in the outcome of this particular slice of history. We’re such smart critters–how can we be so short-sighted?

The young people I saw were enjoying a beautiful September morning, and hydrating and giggling and taking selfies–but they all were quite clear what the stakes are. For them, and ourselves, isn’t it time we accept that changing our ways of life now is the only way to avoid much larger, nastier changes down the road?

I’m with the kids.



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“I’ll Bet the Dinosaurs Thought They Had Plenty of Time Too” — 3 Comments

  1. I went to a small rally at Laney College in Oakland, where they let all the kids who wanted to speak from the stage. They were great. (Many of them headed into San Francisco afterwards to join the march there.)

  2. I am remembering us fighting for the idea of Earth Day. . .fighting to keep people from destroying or contaminating sorted recycling. . .petitions for clean water spiked by our own legislatures. . .

    A long, hard fight, and we still have not reined in the corporate culture.

    Keep fighting, kids. Maybe the masses are finally terrified enough to fight with us.

    • It appalls me that we are still fighting some of these battles (it appalls me that we’re having to re-fight vaccination, for that matter). I have apologized at times to my daughters that we haven’t moved the line as far as we should have done…