Kittens Make People Smile

It is a truth universally accepted that kittens make people smile. Well, maybe not all people. But me. And you.

In March 2019 I posted about our adventures in integrating two kittens into our household, and the resulting Great Ringworm Wars. Since then we’ve had a few hiccoughs on the road, as well as adventures.¬†First, this is where we came from:


Freya, about 5 months

Sonja, about 6 months







The “girls” have gone from “Eek! There’s another kitten in the room! I’m going to D-I-I-E-E-E!” to “She is my best friend sister from another mother EVER!”

Step One: Hooligans


Step 2: Peaceful Diversion


Step 3: Buddies


Today (10 months): Best Snuggle Buddies Ever


I couldn’t decide between these two, so…


Really? says Sonja


Really! says Freya


There, now. Didn’t one of these make you smile?



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