In an effort to be more present in my own life and to not watch bad TV just to watch, and to spend more time reading and doing family things, we cut the satellite cord and now have just broadcast TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Oddly, I’m not watching any of those. I’m watching a free service called Pluto and bingeing on Midsomer Murders, which I’ve never watched before. And by bingeing, I mean I’m not really watching much, but when I do, this is the show I watch. I’m really enjoying it and I like the characters and the development of the stories. I’m a bit amazed I’ve never watched it before.

More importantly, I’m reading more and writing more and getting out more, and want to figure out how to get out even more and do some stuff I’ve been wanting to do and just haven’t. Like hike, kayak, maybe paddleboard, go rockhounding, and some other things. I had one of those moments where I realized how old I am getting to be and that I’d better get off the stick and start doing some of the things I want to do and stop putting the off. Make them a priority while my body is still working decently well. It’s funny how easy it is to put things off until later and then later doesn’t come. I am going to change that.

My son is headed off to college this fall, which is going to radically change some things for me. It’s going to be an adjustment. My daughter is in marching band with pretty much competitions or practices every weekend until around Thanksgiving. Plus I have deadlines. All the same, I’m going to find places to go and hike with the dogs. Go to the coast. Go do things. See things. Learn things.

In a few years when my daughter graduates high school, we plan to downsize so that we are more free to do things. This house is too big now that the kids won’t be spending all their time here. Not that we’ll kick them out. Just that we could easily lose a thousand square feet and still have plenty of room.

**All these realizations brought to you by recent events with elderly parents and other life experiences.



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  1. We too cut the cord. We have a Roku device in each TV and I pay for Netflix, nothing else. Saved us about $100 a month. Also, we no longer have news channels on all the time when we just want noise in the background. Not examining every gesture in Washington D.C. to the minutest nuance has lifted waves of depression. We no longer feel like shell shock victims.

    If we want news or weather we can call up the local stations on the internet, skim the headlines and read one or two stories of interest. I’m also discovering series I never thought to watch or didn’t discover until the 3rd of 7 seasons and couldn’t figure out who was who or why I should or shouldn’t like them.

    No more scheduling our lives around our favorite television shows. No more working around the ads. We can start and stop shows when we want or pause if we need to get up for a drink or necessary stop.

    Life is much more relaxed and interesting around here.

  2. We cut the cord when we moved. Hubby turns on Hulu to watch sports for eight-nine months, but otherwise we have Netflix, Amazon Prime (both through the son) and MLB Tv as well as Pluto. I started a Longmire marathon but burned out on it when it diverged too widely from the books and decided I wanted to deal with the books’ angst rather than both the series and the books’ angst (both are angsty but in totally different directions. I do not not not like what the TV series is doing with Henry).

    Doesn’t really matter as the FCC has decided that even though we are in NE Oregon, we’re in the Spokane broadcast area. That seems to follow through for Facebook stuff, too….