Meet author Joynell Schultz

Today we interview Joynell Schultz, who is launching a brand new apocalyptic science fiction romance series called Earth’s Only Hope. The prequel, Connecting is included in a huge, limited-edition science fiction and fantasy box set called Rogue Skies, all 24 stories for only 99c. 

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The Rambling Writer Explores More Greek Islands, Part 36: Touring Delos Residences

Join Thor and me as we start our tour of ancient Delos with the mazelike residential and theater quarter. NOTE: Since our recent trip to Greece to research more settings for my novel-in-progress, THE ARIADNE DISCONNECT, Thor and I knew … Continue reading


The Rambling Writer Takes a Detour to the San Juan Islands

Join Thor and me on a getaway through the beautiful Salish Sea and the islands of my native Pacific Northwest. NOTE: I’ll return to my latest Greek Islands journey in next week’s blog post as Thor and I explore the … Continue reading