Looking for a Little Kindness and Some Help

Two of your BVC members are, once again, participating in GISHWHES* this year. If you don’t know, GISH is a world-wide internet-based scavenger hunt for which I, in the past, have made a superhero outfit for my dog, made Laura Anne Gilman a trench coat out of newspaper, baked a portrait of Leia Organa out of bread… you get the idea. As Laura Anne puts it,

GISH is a lot of fun, and a lot of fun-stress, and a lot of missed sleep and odd shopping lists. But it’s ABOUT reaching out. About making the world a little weirder, yes, but weird-for-good. Which is why, every year, we raise money to do just that: make the world better.

This year, we’re working with photographer Giles Duley (who is a very cool and interesting dude, look him up) to clear unexploded land mines from farmlands in Laos, and to ensure that the children already harmed by those land mines get the medical treatment and prosthetics they need.

The link for donating, and other deets, is here.

As Laura Anne points out in her post elsewhere, we’re all aware of how much in our own backyard needs attention. But it’s 50 years since the end of the conflicts in Southeast Asia, and people are still dying, or being maimed, by the remnants of that conflict.

This is a chance to take hands with thousands of complete strangers all around the world and Be The Kindness You Want To See. Please, if you can, consider donating.


  • the Greated Internet Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

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