BVC Announces Moonstone Shadows by Patricia Rice

Moonstone Shadows by Patricia RiceMoonstone Shadows
Crystal Magic 7
by Patricia Rice

Hannah Simon holds the library of her ancestors in her head, but she’s in danger of losing her steel-trap mind along with the information it holds. Her only hope is a legendary moonstone said to have healed in times of trouble. The artifact was last seen in Hillvale, a town that needs help as desperately as Hannah.

After spending two years in prison for art fraud, antiques dealer and psychometrist Aaron Townsend has settled in Hillvale, where his past and his abilities are accepted. But when the universally despised woman who owns half of Hillvale is bludgeoned to death, everyone is immediately suspect, including newly-arrived Hannah. Aaron, however, is the only one with a criminal past.

To save his friends, as well as himself, Aaron has to find the killer. His search becomes more complicated when he learns Hannah’s touch can yank them back in time. That way lies madness, but also, possibly the answers they seek.

Despite all Aaron’s attempts to keep the tempting librarian at a distance, her terrifying enhancement of his psychometric ability binds them intimately as they tumble down passages of time in search of clues. To save themselves and Hillvale, they must risk their lives and their minds–and possibly their hearts.

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