Di versus . . . Whatever

Once again, I have lost. Was walking the dogs today in a lovely big park with tons of oak trees, a creek, lots of meadows and tall grasses, and squirrels. Lots of squirrels. The dogs find these highly entertaining and try to yank my arms out of their sockets as often as possible. However, the dogs had little to do with today’s events.

We were walking along a little stretch where there are lots of squirrels and the dogs were running back and forth to eagerly look at them. I was walking along, entertained by the puppies, when I stepped in a squirrel hole. These little guys excavate like crazy and while they do run up and down trees, the live in holes.

The hole I stepped in was really a divot because it had been filled in mostly, which actually made it all the more embarrassing when I fell. Like a freaking tree. I sat myself up and discovered that my left knee was all scraped up and painful. I managed to get up and get dusted off, and limp off into the sunset, so to speak. When I got home, I found I had the beginning of a really impressive bruise on the inside of my left wrist and heel of my palm. It’s growing bigger and more impressive every moment.

And lo, once again, Di lost in the game of Di versus . . . Whatever.

I want to mention that I do have a new book out, though not a BVC book. It’s called The Witchkin Murders and it’s a fantasy police procedural with some romance. If you’d like to read a couple of chapters for free, check me out on www.dianapfrancis.com

Also, today is my 29th wedding anniversary. My son graduated High School last week. So happy things!



Di versus . . . Whatever — 5 Comments

  1. Congratulations on the anniversary, your son’s graduation, and your new-published book! ???
    Compared to so many good things, what’s one awkward fall? Just temporarily painful, in a week or so it’ll not be so bad. A good reason to let your partner coddle you for a bit. ?
    You won the three biggest ones out of four!

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary [our 28th was last week], the graduation, & the new book. It looks like fun.

    Speaking of which, will there be a sequel to _Putting the Fun In Funeral_? Your website doesn’t say.