The (Dancing) Mermaid Queen

I almost missed this fortnight’s blog… for the best reason. I spent the weekend in Sarasota, Florida, watching my younger daughter get her BA in Sociology.

It was pretty swell. When your campus fronts on the bay, you hold your graduation at sunset because–well, wouldn’t you? And because the woman’s school, New College of Florida, is the school it is, regalia is totally optional (the school’s mascot is the Null Sign: [ ]. I mean, really). There was the guy who went up to claim his Masters in Data Science in a shark suit. There were a number of fantastically gowned people, one Freddie Mercury, and one mermaid queen. That would be my daughter.

I have a deep love of theatre, and academic regalia is about as theatrical as you’re gonna get. But I have to say that I loved everyone being able to dress to express something about their time at the school and their hopes going forward. It was a really, really wonderful evening.


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