Vonda N. McIntyre, 1948-2019

Vonda N. McIntyre died April 1 at 6:25 pm Pacific Time. According to the report on her Caring Bridge site, she was surrounded by friends and not in pain.

We at Book View Cafe are devastated. Vonda was not just a founding member of this co-op, but someone who contributed to it in every way. Her work here was just the latest example of her generous support of other writers.

And, of course, she was an amazing writer whose work has been praised and cherished by so many. Losing her is leaving a hole in many hearts today.

Over the next week or so BVC members will share some of their feelings and memories. Right now there are just a lot of tears.




Vonda N. McIntyre, 1948-2019 — 10 Comments

  1. Vonda was a wonderful human being and a wonderful writer.

    Her kindness to me, demonstrated, in the days, first after 9/11/ and then Katrina, remains with me always. Many people were kind — and generous — in those days to those who suffered. Wanting to DoSomething, many found me a surrogate – conduit for helping those who had materially suffered the devastation of their homes. Vonda’s reaching out made it clear that 1) it was for those people; and 2) also for my personal emotional disequalibrium and attempt to help those who were physically victims of what happened.

    She was special in all the right ways.

    • I have a feeling that the number of similar stories about Vonda’s support and generosity to others is very large. I want to say it’s infinite, but I know that’s not possible and Vonda was stickler for getting that sort of thing right.

  2. The sterling work that Vonda did for us here at BVC was monumental. She was the one who knew how to dig down into the formatting of documents. She was the one who could speak Ancient High Marsian to the computers. Somehow she was able to evade the tech fog that oppresses so many writers, and actually make the ebooks look right. We would not be half so professional, so good-looking, so great, were it not for her endless toil.

  3. BTW, Vonda gave me one of those crocheted beaded sea creatures after Katrina. I treasure it still. As she hoped, squeezing it, handling it in general, helps a great deal for symptomatic relief of anxiety, sadness and anger too.

  4. Vonda’s great spirit is too strong to be put in the past tense. I am so grateful for her generous help and friendship. What a legacy of work and caring that she gave to so many! Fly free to the stars, Vonda!

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