Books, Reading, and Hoarding

I have a physical To Be Read pile about a mile high. I’ve got about a billion things on my e-reader. I often find myself bringing home more books or downloading, knowing I’ll probably not get around to them. . . .maybe ever. I know I’m not alone in this habit. That’s not my problem. Well, if it is, it’s not the one I’m talking about.

My problem is that I can’t seem to finish a book. I find that am delighted with the story, but after I set it down for whatever reason, I can’t make myself pick it up. I have two really good books I’m reading now that I can’t seem to make myself go back to.

I have no idea why I’m having trouble. The books are fiction, and I’m thinking of trying more nonfiction to see how I do with it. But it’s frustrating. Instead I’m doing some knitting and other crafting. I sure wish I had an answer, though. And a way to change it.

In the meantime I’m also getting outside more. We’ve got puppies and they need a lot of exercise, and with spring trying to make an entrance, it’s been lovely getting outside with them. Even when it’s wet and windy.

I also have a bad case of super itchy hives. I’ve had them for three weeks and they are killing me. I’ve been to the doctor and she thought they might be virus related and I should give it a little more time to play out. I have to go back and see her. I’ve tried all sorts of allergy medicines but to no avail. I’ve used hydrocortisone cream and benadryl gel. I’ve tried two different kinds of allergy medicine.

On the positive side, it’s almost time to get into the garden!

Have a lovely day!



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A recovering academic, Diana Pharaoh Francis writes books of a fantastical, adventurous, and often romantic nature. She's owned by two corgis, spends much of her time herding children, and likes rocks, geocaching, knotting up yarn, and has a thing for 1800s England, especially the Victorians. Check out samples of just about everything on her website:


Books, Reading, and Hoarding — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve been having a similar problem of late, and I’m damned if I know why. I have to make myself finish many of the books I’ve been reading. And I absolve (most of) the books; they’re not kicking me out. It’s as if I see where they’re going and say OK, NEXT! Only not consciously.

    • I know it’s not most of the books’ fault. For sure. I’m being a bad reader. At the same time, I can’t maintain sustained interest in a TV series, either. I find the situation very disconcerting.

    • For me of late, sometimes it’s “I see where this is going and I don’t want to suffer along with the characters.” I’ve also stopped reading because it was a good, but complex, story and I just didn’t want to read it right now. I seem to do better with lighter books, which for me tends to be mysteries.

      I’ve also found myself writing lighter stories, which may be related.

  2. My dermnatologist said my hives were heat related – if my winter sweater gets my back a hair to warm it apparently triggers itching and the least bit of scratching releases histamines. Its a bloody nuisance.