BVC Announces Never After by Marie Brennan

Never After by Marie BrennanNever After

by Marie Brennan

Forget perfect princesses, handsome princes, and “happily ever after.” In this collection of thirteen flash-length fairy tale retellings, award-winning author Marie Brennan introduces you to a world of manipulative mirrors, treacherous pigs, and candy houses that will eat you right up. Each one is a subversive little gem, guaranteed to shock the Brothers Grimm.

* “The Mirror’s Tale”
* “The Kindness of Sisters”
* “Conversation with a Wolf”
* “Gold”
* “A Smile, a Laugh”
* “Nesu-a”
* “The Princess and the . . .”
* “One Last Prize”
* “The Fall of the Fortress of Brick”
* “Many Faces”
* “Every Moment, I Dream of Sleep”
* “Just Right”
* “And Everything Nice”
* Afterword

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