Convention Report 6: Boskone

 The Boston SF fan community is one of the oldest in the US, and they’ve had a Boskone for as long as anyone can remember. Travel to Boston in February is challenging, and it is kind of far for me, at least, to go. For some years family pressures have kept me from attending. But this year, because the EDGE TO CENTER trilogy is out, I made the journey.

And the travel gods were with us! We drove up without weather, without traffic even. The Westin hotel (new to me) is on the edge of a trendy district in South Boston by the convention center. At this point in my life my con instincts are very good, and without consciously remembering my schedule I tottered down to my panel and was thrust into place in the nick of time, half an hour after getting out of the car.

The programming committee made an effort to find interesting panel topics, and (probably because I’ve been away so long) I was a busy bee, flitting from podcast tapings to signings to book parties. These things always have a large social component, and I saw people I haven’t caught up with in years!

The photo is by R.K. Bentley, for Boskone 56.



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