The Rambling Writer Explores More Greek Islands, Part 10: Ancient Lindos on Rhodes

The lovely Classical remnants of the Lindos acropolis hover like a dream on the rocky cliffs high above the deep blue Aegean Sea. Come climb these layers of history with Thor and me.

NOTE: Since our trip last fall to Greece to research more settings for my novel-in-progress, THE ARIADNE DISCONNECT, Thor and I knew we had to return to this magical region. My first entry in this new blog series posted here on Saturday, 10/20/2018. It gives an overview of our rambles from Athens to seven islands in the Dodecanese and Cyclades groups, ending our ferry-hopping pilgrimage on the anciently sacred island of Delos.

Thor and I woke up to a sunny morning over the Charaki cove, where some hardy Brits were taking a pre-breakfast swim. Since we’d enjoyed a brisk swim there before dinner the night before, we decided to explore other beaches after a morning visit to the Lindos acropolis. We had explored this magical site the previous year, but it’s one of those special places that call you back for more. As we rounded a turn on the east coast highway above the sea, Lindos appeared below us, whitewashed houses of the traditional village at the foot of the rocky outcrop gleaming in the sun….

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The Rambling Writer Explores More Greek Islands, Part 10: Ancient Lindos on Rhodes — 4 Comments

    • Everything in the islands seems to be blue and white! I can never get enough of that deep blue sea. (And the weather wasn’t nearly as hot as the year before.)

  1. Lindos is really nice and the island of Rhodes is probably my favorite Greek island overall; beautiful beaches, lots of cool ruins. My favorite so far anyway…