Empowering Senryu

It’s hard to get inspired to write a blog post when the Book View Café website keeps going down because of problems with our hosting company. So for this week I’ve collected some of the senryu/haiku I’ve been posting daily on social media.

I write these verses first thing in the morning, with the goal of catching what’s on my mind. They’re an effort to be in the moment.

As regular readers know, I went to empowerment self defense teacher training back in August and met my “tribe” of those who want to teach all women that they can take care of themselves. So it should not surprise anyone that a lot of the senryu I’ve written since camp reflect that training.

While empowerment self defense is aimed at giving women tools to combat sexual assault and harassment, it also gives us the skills to exercise our power throughout life and the world. Which is to say, you’ll find a very feminist thread running through these verses.

I have found my tribe:
Powerful women ready
to go change the world.

Powerful women
From all over our planet.
We can change the world.

No one says “I can’t.”
All dive in to fight and learn.
Powerful women.

Being in a group
of strong, empowered women
makes me worry less.

Big discovery:
I am where I want to be
and I’m powerful.

We women claiming
all our power give me hope.
We will change the world.

Learn to fight, to fall,
and to set your boundaries.
Good ways to be safe.

Think. Yell. Run. Fight. Tell.
You can take care of yourself.
Fight like a woman.

Boundary setting
includes “Yes, I just said that,”
as well as “Back off.”

I want all women
To know they are powerful
And to claim their lives.

Recognize your strength.
Reject patriarchal lies.
Times are changing fast.

Finding more allies
in empowering women.
We will change the world.

Women rising up:
We’re not playing by your rules
and you can’t stop us.

Good stories about
women using their power.
We will change the world.

It’s time for women
to know and claim their power
and use it widely.

I will fight against
misogynistic culture.
I am empowered.

I want all women
to know their power and fight.
Time to move forward.

Meeting more women
ready to claim their power:



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