Sorry About All That

Frequent visitors to Book View Café’s blog and online bookstore will have noticed persistent issues with both sites over the past several days. Specifically, both vanished from the World Wide Web. They were restored intermittently, only to vanish again. As culmination to this misadventure, the site began to demand a username and password from anyone so bold as to try to access it.

Don’t worry — none of this had anything to do with hacking or malware. The issue seems to have involved the very size of Book View Café’s blog. The blog is now ten years old, with ten-years’ worth of the thoughts and experiences of a large group of prolific writers. That’s a lot of gigabytes. Combine this with the large population of software robots crawling the web. Every time one of these bots hit the blog it would begin to inventory all those posts — at least, we think that’s what happened. Regardless, the end result was that the site began to draw down the resources of the server. Every time this happened, an automatic protocol kicked in, taking the site down to prevent the server from crashing.

Steps were completed today that should prevent this from happening again. We apologize profusely for the inconvenience, the weirdness, and the worry. We also hope you’ll take the time to explore the latest postings on the blog, as well as this week’s “Winter Special” in the bookstore.




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