Approaching Holidays

I’m not sure about how I feel about the holidays this year. Thanksgiving has never been that big for me, but it is a lovely time to spend with family and have dysfunctional moments with my teenagers. And I’ll have the opportunity to clean up pee from the puppies who’ve decided this week is the week to start marking territory. (Two weeks until the neutering. They’ve also started getting really aggressive with their puppy battles, to the point of hurting each other and going after the older dog. I wanted to wait until they were a year old, but I don’t think it can wait).

I’ve started cleaning the house. It’s one of those things I start doing randomly when things get too far out of hand and this time of year, I need clean areas for cooking, putting up the tree, and general decorating. Not that I do a lot of decorating. I tend to get behind very quickly.

I’m hoping to do some baking this year for the holidays. Fun baking with maybe decorating of cookies or some such. Oh! Tuesday I get the sutures out of my foot, which means I’ll be able to actually wear a shoe. And take a shower without a bag on my foot. That will be fun. Maybe I’ll be able to do some walking. I don’t get the pin out of my toe for another two weeks, which may be awkward. I’m determined to not kick any more furniture than I already have, which is what I am really good at, as demonstrated by the last couple of days where I kicked many things.

I’m also looking at the holidays as an opportunity to clear out the room where we usually put the tree so that after the new year, we can lay the floor we have been planning to lay for awhile. We’ve got all the materials, we just need to get on it.

I’m also hoping to do a little deep cleaning in some areas. Because it’s necessary.

As far as the holidays go, I’m hoping to spend some time with friends. I’m hoping to play some games with friends and family. I’m hoping to get out and walk without pain. I’m hoping to write and maybe see a movie or two. I really want to go to the coast or to the mountains. I’m also hoping to get a plan written down for next year’s publishing/writing schedule.

We don’t live near family, so it’s just the four of us and the puppies. I’m hoping for lots of games and laughter and joy. I’ve already got some puppy gifts ready . . .

How about you? How are you planning to spend your holidays? I love the solstice and the birth of the new year, the days growing longer. Is it weird I’m already planning my garden? This year I want to plant lentils. I never have before. Speaking of which, I harvested this blue squash that I now need to roast and make a pie out of. My mom says it’s delicious. And really exciting–my folks live where there are tangerine orchards and send me some every year. Word is they should be on their way any moment. I’m so excited!!!




Approaching Holidays — 11 Comments

  1. In spite of being a minister, my father regarded Thanksgiving as the big holiday in the year — probably because that was the weekend he could take off and relax after a 14-hour drive to my grandparents. It was their big holiday, too, since once my brothers and I grew up, Christmas was not as much fun as when we were little and ripping the wrappings off the presents.

    But this year, as we have for the last few years, we’ll be eating out on Thanksgiving. There’s a local diner which does a great job of it. And the last time I did Thanksgiving, I screwed the whole thing up, so I don’t trust myself any more. A big plus is no dishes to wash afterwards!

    And, once we’ve moved, we might give a tea or something for those friends from Thanksgiving.

      • Teas are actually much less stressful. Except for angels on horseback, done at the last minutes, and the Victoria sponge, which also really needs to be done near to the last minute.

        But paper plates and plastic silverware in weird colors can be used and it can all be thrown into the recycling afterwards.

          • Angels on horseback — scallops on a circle of bread wrapped with a strip of bacon and broiled till bacon is crisp and the scallops are turning golden. You can vary the scallops with chicken livers for devils on horseback. Victoria sponge — bake a sponge cake, slice it in half lengthwise, then sandwich the halves with strawberry or raspberry jam and whipped cream, and spread the top with more whipped cream and fresh strawberries or raspberries. I do a lovely Victoria sponge!

            And then cucumber and watercress sandwiches, and celery sticks with cream cheese, and other finger food — tiny scones and muffins, and if I’m feeling very brave, I go for popovers, which are always tremendously impressive.

            But the big thing is the Victoria sponge in the center of the table. If it’s spring, you can always add violets atop the whipped cream.

            I love cooking for other people.

  2. My family is so scattered and busy that our holiday celebrations have gone from huge-take-over-life for three months, to lighting a single candle. I have a small 24″ artificial tree and a couple of lighted clear glass ones, a few silk flowers and that’s it. I’ll cook a turkey on Thursday for Hubby, Big Brother, myself and the cat. I want the left overs. All the restaurants that serve on holidays are now jammed because no one want to cook.

    And you know what? The only time Hubby and I ever fought was during the holidays. But cutting way back, we’ve reduced the stress and the need to fight to relieve it.

    Happy holidays everyone, may they be peaceful and blessed.

    • I tend not to get too stressed. Mostly because I don’t go big. I’ve always felt kid of lazy about that, but maybe it’s a good thing. I just wish we had a better family tradition. Beyond me adding one super tacky (yet kitschy) ornament to the tree. I wish I did more decorating because I love the lights, but I’m not that good about getting it done. I don’t usually do turkey. I usually do ham or something. I’m the only one who really likes turkey. Thinking I might get a little breast to roast for sandwiches.

  3. Usually I’m stressed but not too bad and I enjoy it enough that it more than overcomes the stress.

    We host by our choice. It’s still not large–only 8 people. It’s strange, I don’t even remember Thanksgiving growing up and here I am doing the traditional both families and turkey (and ham this year–I like ham) and sides.

    Which is usually great.

    This year, though, I just want to hide under a table and cry until everyone goes away. The house is a horrid mess (clean, but a horrid mess) and it’s going to stay that way. We are finally getting the construction done to recover from a flood, but it’s not quite done and so the basement is still all over the rest of the house and there’s nothing I can do about it. And mess breeds mess so…..

    *sigh* I think after Thanksgiving will be better. For Yule we don’t have everyone here at once, so I don’t need as much space. Also we might have the walls done in the flooded area and then some stuff can go back in there.

    • My house is a dusty mess. Too much puppy dirt from dirty feet and loose hair, and I’ve neglected the dusting for awhile. Awhile. So now I’m working through the cleaning. Maybe that’s what the holiday will be for me A spring (ish) cleaning.

  4. Holidays for us, are time for me to enjoy not having to go to the day job. Oh, and the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, and cleaning, and organizing. The only real festive thing I do is string lights everywhere regularly until the solstice.