Chilly Scenes of Autumn

Seems like only a few days ago that the hibiscus still bloomed and mums resembled gold and burgundy bloom-dotted upside-down bushel baskets. Now we’re in the grip of unseasonable cold here in northeast Illinois. Most of the leaves have fallen–when I walk my dog, Gaby, along the nearby bike trail, I kick through a layer of maple leaves, bright yellow Norway mixed with a few vermilion sugar.

Norway maple amid faded green

Most days have been cloudy, rendering the lake a milky murk.

Morning murk

But some mornings have been clear, the sunrises deceptively warm and inviting.

Sunrise over the fishing pond

Tiny asters hug the ground, refusing to admit defeat.

A little aster, possibly a Late Purple

And dead foliage forms urban art.

These dead vines look like tree-dotted mountainsides

I am going to miss the warmth, the flowers. The ability to check the mail without needing to suit up first. But there’s beauty to be found in the fading.

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Chilly Scenes of Autumn — 3 Comments

  1. Autumn is so beautiful as veil after veil is pulled away from the bones of the earth, to reveal in winter the foundational skeleton of all of it,

    • That is exactly what I thought! I was walking Gaby along the alley behind the building, and I just stopped and stared. That feathered stippling. And the leaves look like individual trees.