Convention Report 4: World Fantasy Convention

The World Fantasy Convention was held last weekend in Baltimore, MD. This is one of those conventions that moves every year, and next year it’ll be in Los Angeles. I try to go when it’s convenient, but I can’t make it every year. Which is a pity because this is also one of the most professionally oriented events, with a huge author, editor and agent presence. Here I am with Julie McKenna and Paige Christie, writers who I meet only at the occasional convention, since they aren’t from around here. We are always delighted to see each other.

I was on a dynamite and highly intelligent panel, got a guided tour of the superb art show, went out to the usual mass meal with everyone I know that I could scrape up, and returned home exhausted and happy.




Convention Report 4: World Fantasy Convention — 1 Comment

  1. We had memberships, and planned to attend, but we suddenly were faced with moving in two months or less (we hope less, but it might be more) so we decided to put con money towards moving expenses.

    Time to downsize some of the thousand or more books in the house.