Get it while it’s hot(ter): Chicago in all its hinky glory

Suppose your new bed was possessed by a demon who had to satisfy you every night. Would you sell the bed? keep it for life? or try to free the demon?

Situation normal in the life of Officer Jewel Heiss, hinky investigator for the city of Chicago: your boss sends you to spy on his wife who is also your best friend to catch her in the act of adultery with a fake sex therapist, who is using a brass bed possessed by an incubus to defraud her.

Two centuries ago, the demon Randy annoyed his mistress by being bad in bed. On top of that he claimed that women don’t enjoy sex; they just use it to get marriage or money or children. His mistress cursed him and trapped him in the bed, and now he can’t get out until he satisfies a hundred women.

Jewel is number one hundred.

This series was conceived as a standalone romance – say, a paranormal Harlequin Spice, or a Wrong Bed story. At that point, it was just the heroine and a brass bed haunted by a sex demon. Then a fantasy editor asked me to change it to an open-ended series, fantasy with lots of sex and okay some romance. So a competing hero was added: a con artist exploiting the bed to get women to pay for “therapeutic naps.” I threw in pigeons hooked on cigarettes, pink smog during road rage at rush hour, a beauty drug that makes you irresistible even if you quit using cosmetics or bathing, oo, lots of hinky stuff. Then the series took a turn toward socioeconomic feminist rage, adult-film-star style.

The title comes from a Chicagoan expression, “hinky,” which I actually first heard while watching The Fugitive. I was on a major Tommy Lee Jones jones at the time, so it’s amazing that the demon Randy didn’t come out looking like Jones. But of course, although TLJ has many attractive features, an English accent isn’t one of them.

That’s why Randolph Llew Carstairs Athelbury Darner, the poor bugger who’s trapped in the brass bed and forced to satisfy one hundred women, looks and talks like Hugh Jackman. (Think Hugh in Kate & Leopold.)

So if you like magical sex, big beautiful women, the world unraveling in marvels, rowdy older women having a good time, love triangles, conquering the bad guy with the power of your terrible reputation, the sexual slavery of an alpha male, friends who share your outrageous values, magical sex, older estranged lovers who patch it up, telling off your dad, parties gone out of bounds, a roomful of con artists all faking each other out, magical sex, mad scientists, fighting back against shame and shamers, secret identities, anonymous psychotherapy, your body possessed by a goddess, telling off your mom, magical sex, and the power of friendship, give this series a try. And all that is just in the first three books!

For the next three and a half weeks, you can get Hinky Chicago Omnibus #1 for $8.99, three books for less than the price of two, only at Book View Cafe. Everywhere else it’s a buck more.


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